Drawing Management on Construction Projects


How to Manage Your Drawings

As a service to the industry we  present a series of seven articles on Drawing Management on Construction on Construction Projects. Starting with the fundamentals, the drawing block, and continuing through revision workflow and change control, we end with recommendations for evaluating commercial DMS (Document Management Systems). The final part contains a list of references where you can learn even more.

The final part also explains the importance of selecting an appropriate DMS that helps the project. An unfortunate tendency is that many systems used for document management on construction projects are incapable of supporting effect drawing list management and end up either slowing things down or just being ignored by the project team.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and the Drawing Block
  2. Drawing Identification
  3. Classification Systems
  4. Workflow Information
  5. New Revisions and Change Control
  6. Drawing Scheduling
  7. Implications for Drawing Management Systems